Useful Tools & Downloads to keep your PC running efficiently!


Many times we hear, I do not know what tools to use to keep my computer running efficiently.  No need to fret, below you will find links to download some of InterBel Telephone ISP Department's favorite tools to make your PC experience more enjoyable.

SecureIT Anti Virus - Your one stop, easy to install and use Anti Virus Solution.  Available from InterBel Telephone Cooperative, SecureIT is literally a set it and forget it solution.  Updates are done on the fly every 10 minutes to ensure your vulnerability risks are kept low.  Click on the logo above for more details or call 889-3311 to inquire about a free 30 day trial of our Anti Virus solution of choice.

FileHopper Plus - Cloud storage made simple.  Available in 3 different storage capacities: 5 GB, 50 GB and 250 GB.  One advantage to FileHopper Plus is the unique ability to install this application on an unlimited amount of devices.  The iFolder gives you a drop box to store documents you may be working on across multiple computers without having to carry a disk or flash drive.  Click the icon above for more details or call InterBel Telephone Cooperative at 889-3311 to inquire about a free 30 day trial.

Password Genie - We all know the scenario, you cannot remember the password for a website you created an account for 2 weeks ago.  Let InterBel simplify your life with Password Genie.  This tiny application can be installed on up to 5 different devices and will give you a centralized place to store all of your passwords.  No more sticky notes or tablets with passwords written down anymore, let Password Genie do the work and fill those passwords in for you automatically.  Click the icon above for more details or call InterBel Telephone Cooperative at 889-3311 to inquire about a free 30 day trial.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - A premier free tool to keep your machine clean of Malware.  If you have a virus on your computer already that your virus software cannot clean, or you just want to maintain your clean computer, Malwarebytes is our tool of choice along side your regular anti-virus solution.

Ccleaner - A quick and easy tool to remove junk files from your computer.  Run this application once every 2 weeks to keep you computer running at peak performance.

Advanced System Care - Another great cleaning utility that includes real time performance monitoring.  When performing a clean up with this utility, you can set it to automatically repair any issues its fine for a more automated process.

AxCrypt - Do you store files in the cloud?  Do you need a way to keep sensitive documents such as financial statements away from prying eyes?  AxCrypt is a simple to use file encryption program, that lets you encrypt single documents.  In the day of cloud based computing, almost an essential to ensure your privacy.


Avast - The number one rated free Anti Virus solution according to Cnet  Avast is a simple to use, effective Anti Virus solution.  As with most free versions of Anti Virus software, you do not gain access to all the features of the full fledged program, but if you are looking for a free solution for your Anti Virus needs, Avast is not only recommended by Cnet, but InterBel Telephone as well.


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