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Welcome to the InterBel ISP self help page.  Here you will find a collection of simple to use articles that will assist you in setting up and configuring your DSL connection.  Please use the following links below to access tutorials to assist you with the area of assistance you need.  

*** Legacy Broadband Equipment  ***

If the modem or router you have does not appear in this list, your device is no longer supported by InterBel Telephone.  Please contact us to discuss our current available options.


All in One Combo Modem/Routers


           Zyxel VSG-1432       Comtrend AR-5312U       Comtrend AR-5381U         

       Zyxel1432           AR5312 Front                    


Wireless Routers


ReadyNet AC1200MS           Comtrend WR-5882            Comtrend ER-5845N           Comtrend WR-5930

  AC1200MSFront                 WR 5930 Front


Single Port ADSL2+ Modems


Comtrend CT-5072T



How Do I?


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