Windows Live Mail Setup



Setting up Windows Live Mail for your E-mail Service

Below is your step by step guide on configuring your E-mail service to work with Windows Live Mail.

First we will want to begin with opening the Windows Live Mail.


Now let's start configuring your email client. To begin configuring your Email client, you will want to fill in the Email address and Password sections.  If you do not want the email program to prompt you for your password every time, make sure the check mark is the box to remember your password.  Also you will want to specify your Display Name.  This is the name that will appear when you send messages to other people.  The last step will be to place a check mark in manually configure the server settings.  Once all of this has been configured, proceed by clicking on the next button.

From here we will want to configure the server settings for your email account.  For the server type, let's make sure we have POP3 selected.  Below that we will enter the incoming server setting.  In the Server Address box type: for the server address.  We do not require a secure connection, so leave that box un-selected.  Your log on username should already be specified.  If it is not, this would be the beginning part of your email account ie: (interbelisp)  Only the part in parentheses is your log on user name.  

Next we will specify your outgoing server information.  In the box below server address enter: for your outgoing server address.  Again we do not require a secure connection for this account so leave that box un-selected again.  We do however require authentication on this server, so please select the box for Requires authentication.  After you have configured these settings, click on the next button to continue.

Congratulations!  At this point your email account has been added and is ready to use!  

Thank you for checking out our Self Help section and we hope this has been helpful in establishing your Email account.  As always if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call our 24 hour 7 day a week technical support team at 889-1500.

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