Outlook Express Setup



Setting up Outlook Express for your InterBel.net E-mail Service

Below is your step by step guide on configuring your InterBel.net E-mail service to work with Outlook Express.

First we will want to begin with opening the Outlook Express.


Now let's start configuring your email client. To begin configuring your email client, we will want to fill in the display name field.  This configures your email messages to display the name specified instead of your email address.  Typically this is set to your First name, First and Last name or Nick name.  Once you have filled in the display name section, click on the next button to continue.

This next step will require us to enter your e-mail address.  Please make sure you you put in your full e-mail address in the box just as  I have in the image below.  Once you have completed this, click on the next button to continue.

Our next step will be to configure the e-mail server settings.  We will want to make sure the Incoming e-mail server type is set to POP3.  After we have selected this, let's fill in the Incoming mail server information.  In the box provided type the server address of mail.interbel.net in the box.  Next we will specify the Outgoing e-mail server.  In the box provided for this, type the server address of smtp.interbel.net.  Click on next to continue.

In this next step, we will need to specify the username and password for your email account.  If the E-mail username section has not been pre-filled in for you, please specify your username.  Your username is the beginning part of your e-mail address without the @interbel.net added to it. (interbelisp@interbel.net)  Then specify your password in the password box.   We do not need to put a check mark in the box for secure password authentication.  Click on next to finalize your settings.

Congratulations, at this point your Outlook Express client is configured and ready for you to start using your InterBel.net email service.  With Outlook Express, we do need to complete one more procedure to finalize your settings.  Click on the finish button to laod into the main screen for Outlook Express.  Then in the menu bar at the top of the window click on Tools and select Accounts from the drop down menu.

On the accounts screen we will next need to click on the mail tab.  In this tab, your e-mail account should be listed and then click on properties.

On the properties screen, click on the servers tab.  In here at the bottom of the screen under "Outgoing Mail Server" we will need to put a check mark in the box that states "My server requires authentication".  Then click on apply to apply the setting.

Finally click on the Settings button to ensure the settings are correct.  The settings sould be set to "Use same settings as my incoming mail server".  After you have verified the information is correct.  Click on the OK button to close this screen.  Continue closing the rest of the screns until you have returned to the main Outlook Express window.

Congratulations, you have now succesfully configured Outlook Express to work with your InterBel.net e-mail service.

Thank you for checking out our Self Help section and we hope this has been helpful in establishing your Email account.  As always if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call our 24 hour 7 day a week technical support team at 889-1500.

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