Mac OSX Static IP Configuration





If you have requested a static IP address from InterBel Telephone and have a Comtrend 5072T, 5071T or 5611T modem that is not connected to a router, this guide will walk you step by step in configuring your device to work with your Static IP Address.

To begin, in the Finder Bar at the top of your window, click on the connections icon and then select Open Network Preferences as seen below.

This will bring us to the Network Preferences section.  Make sure you have Ethernet selected in the left hand pane of the window.

After this, we then need to assign your Static IP address to the computer.  First we will want to change Configure IPv4 from Using DHCP to Manually.

This will give us the options to configure your IP address. Under the IP Address section, type in your Static IP that was provided to you from InterBel Telephone where the x.x.x.x appears in IP Address section in the picture below.  Then fill in the Subnet Mask of  The Default Gateway will also be provided to you, replaces the x.x.x.x in the Router section with your assigned Default Gateway IP address.  For your Primary DNS and Secondary DNS Servers, use the addresses in the image below.


At this point your Apple computer is nearly configured to work with the Static IP Address.  The last step to finalize the configuration is to save the settings. At the bottom of the Network Screen, click on the Apply button to finalize the process.  As long as everything is configured correctly, your connection should come up automatically! 

Congratulations, you have now configured your Static IP for your router.  If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to call our 24 hour technical support team at 889-1500.

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