Setting up your iPad or iPod for your InterBel.net e-mail service.

Here is the step by step guide on configuring your Apple iPad or iPod for use with your InterBel.net e-mail service.  To begin configuring your device tap on settings.

Now that we are in the settings menu, locate Mail, Contacts, Calendar in the menu.  Then on the right hand side of the screen, tap on Add Account.

This will begin the process to add your e-mail account.  In the first step we need to select what type of account to add.  For adding your InterBel.net email account, tap on other to continue.

Next we will want to tap on Add Mail Account.

Now we will start configuring your account by typing in your name.  The Name section will be what people see when you send an e-mail message.  This can be your First Name, First and Last Name or Nickname.  Next enter your e-mail address and finally your password.  Optionally, you can either leave the description for the account as the e-mail address or you may change it to something you desire.  Tap on next once you have the form filled out to continue.

Next we will want to fill in the server information.  At the top of the screen, lets tap on POP to set the server type.  The information in Name, Email and Description should already be filled so we will start in the Incoming Mail Server section.  The host name needs to be specified as mail.interbel.net.  By default your Apple device will set the username as your full e-mail address, but we will want to change this.  Your username is only the first part of your email account, so erase the characters in your e-mail address until all you see is the first part of your e-mail address ie: (interbelisp).  After this is complete, lets fill the Outgoing Mail Server.  For the Host Name, enter smtp.interbel.net.  Then we will want to specifiy your username and passwords, just as you did above in the Incoming Mail Server.  After all the requested information is filled in, tap on save to continue.

Please be patient while your e-mail account is being configured.  During this process, you will see the following message pop up on you, typically 2 times.  When you get the Cannot Connect Using SSL message, make sure to tap on yes both times.

After the second pop up message regarding SSL, you will get a page displaying that all of your setting were either correct or incorrect.  If they were correct, it will appear as it does in the image below.  If there is an error, it will notify you that the account is setup incorrect and to correct your settings.  If the later is the case, verify the incoming and outgoing server settings once again.

Congratulations, your Apple device is now setup and ready to start using your InterBel.net e-mail service.

Thank you for checking out our Self Help section and we hope this has been helpful in establishing your e-mail account.  As always if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call our 24 hour 7 day a week technical support team at 889-1500

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